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Hiring Your Dream VA: Why Availing a Prepaid Plan Is a Better Choice Than Going Monthly

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

You might ask yourself, "Why should I hire a VA?" Well, one of the biggest advantages of hiring one is that you can have your time back. With a VA, you can free up more time and concentrate on more important aspects of your business and your life in general. No matter how big or small the work, outsourcing enables clients to focus on what they do best while a VA takes care of the rest.

Sounds good, right? But, before you invest in one, here's an important reminder: Before you invest in VA services, you have to know the package rates that they offer. Why?

Prepaid Plans vs. Monthly Packages

Some virtual assistants offer monthly subscription plans where hours are purchased up to the allotted time within a 30-day period only. The purchased hours will expire in the following billing cycle if they are not used within 30 days. Seems pretty short, doesn't it?

Well, fortunately, there are other package options available where you can avail of VA services, complete with a whole virtual assistant team that can cater to the services you need. This is what we offer at 8point8.

8point8 Prepaid Plans

At 8point8, we are very pleased to offer Prepaid Plans for you to book a whole team to be at your service. With a Prepaid plan, you will be purchasing a bundle of hours that are consumable within a pre-determined number of months.

Start with a Prepaid Plan that fits your budget and invite our team into your company. We maintain a straightforward, reasonable, and affordable pricing arrangement at a rate of $15 per hour. With a prepaid plan, you receive everything on our service menu, including a customized Trello board to manage your tasks and projects with us. Plus, you can set up 1:1 appointments with Lisa herself!

What happens if I use all of my prepaid hours prior to the end of my Prepaid Plan?

You can simply top up by purchasing more hours to be consumed before the initial validity term of your plan expires. This is when you find that in the midst of the validity period you have already used up all the prepaid hours that you purchased at the beginning of service. After you sign up for a Prepaid Plan, you will have the option of purchasing more hours.

This plan is therefore not only practical but also efficient. Moreover, there is no requirement to pay a monthly retainer charge. Simply purchase VA work hours in advance and consume them as needed.

Final Thoughts

Finally, you may fulfill your dream of becoming a creative CEO who can execute business strategies with the support of a production team. We make sure that our group of knowledgeable virtual assistants provides the best services for you.

If you think it's time to hire a VA, let's talk and discuss your needs.


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