Breaking up with a Client? YOUR Signs and Steps for a Polite Exit

Updated: Aug 1

There are times when getting a break is definitely not a good thing— A.K.A break-up. 💔 But this is definitely one of those things that are necessary no matter how painful.

As entrepreneurs, our business success hangs on the health of our client relationships. So it is crucial that we carefully evaluate which relationships continue to give us life and which don’t. After all, even in romantic relationships, we are not meant to hold on to something that no longer works for us, right?

So let’s hit that nail on the head!

How do you know that exiting from your coach-client relationship has reached its pinnacle? Payment or issues of its collection is definitely a chart-topper in this list, but because it’s an obvious factor, we’ve rounded up the remaining red flags that you may have possibly missed:

🚩 Disrespectful Scenarios

Mutual respect is a necessary nutrient to grow our business relationships. Have you scheduled a meeting but they didn’t show up on time? Have they made fun of a team member to your face? Do they dismiss your expert recommendations? Then, yes, please, draft your resignation letter.

🚩 Unethical Tasks

As a virtual assistant team, we understand that the values we hold on to don’t just reflect our brand. When times are hard, we go back to WHY we do this business in the first place, and our values fortify THAT purpose. So if we go astray from what we adhere to be ethical, our brand could be affected, and consequently, our success. So if a client is leading us away from our values, that is THE sign.

🚩 Unreasonable Expectations

Let’s say you’re expecting a deliverable. You’ve explained the instructions. You’ve solicited clarifications and it looked like there were none, so you thought things are already clear. But then, the task was delivered overdue, with multiple corrections in it, and the time you wanted to be saved got wasted instead. Then yes, a resignation is on the work.

🚩 Excessive Accommodation

Have you been accommodating your client’s requests too much that you’ve been working on tasks outside your contract instead, or that you’ve been spending so much of your time beyond what is agreed upon, then, by all means, take this as another stop sign.

How do you exit politely?

As a team of virtual assistants for online coaches, we also have our fair share of polite exits from vital client relationships. Once you have identified your red flags, here are helpful steps to make your graceful exit. Again, this is not an exhaustive list, but these can definitely guide you.

1. Refer to a contract if there’s any. Protect yourself from any legal repercussions in the breakup. If you have signed a contract, make sure that you comply with the mandated steps upon leaving.

2. Give time for transition. Whether you had a healthy relationship or not, display professionalism by allowing your client to adjust to the changes and also look for a replacement.

3. Refer to an alternative. You can still help your client to transition well by recommending a possible fit for their business. Perhaps, they are a good fit with a team of virtual assistants for a business coach.

4. Provide a reason. You don’t need to write a novel of explanation. A short and concise reason for why you’re leaving would suffice.

5. Be thankful. Your gratitude will benefit you more than your client because it helps you to focus only on the positive aspect of the relationship. After all, why would you bring painful memories to a relationship that is not there anymore, right?

As your allies in scaling your business forward, the 8point8 VA Team believes that when a door closes, another one opens. There would always be that one (or more!) client who would fit your bill. So don’t hesitate to close that door when it is really necessary.

And if you’re also weighing your options as to whether you need a virtual assistant or not, book us a call, and let’s find out if we’re a great fit for each other!

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