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Bots VS Humans: Introducing the 8point8 VA Team

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Remember that time you went online and calculated a math problem or selected certain pictures or completed a certain puzzle just so you will be verified as human and proceed to the next step? Familiar, right? So maybe you ask, is it really necessary to be confirmed as a human being?

Well, the longer you stay and engage with different online platforms in the digital world, the stronger and louder you will say YES.

But, nothing wrong with that, right? After all, interacting with real, feeling, thinking, and empathizing human beings could make our intentions truly understood in its context and empathized in its conditions. So in this era of Zoom meetings, offshore work, and in-demand virtual assistant services— it's comforting to know that you are, in fact, interacting with real people. You know that you are heard, you are felt, you are celebrated, and you are truly supported for your business.

Because we’ve come to that, your 8point8 VA Team also finds it crucial to show you just who we are in the flesh. Whether you have worked with us or are still going to, you can trust that you are with a team of reasonable, empathizing, dependable, and cheering humans.

So, can we just put our hands together as we show the gorgeous (ahem!) faces behind your 8pointVA Team *insert some applause here* 🎉🎉🎉

Copywriting Team

This pool of talented wordsmiths takes charge of converting your ideas, suggestions, and thoughts into creative verbiage that you can read in your eBooks, newsletters, podcast show notes, social media captions, and others. Here they are!

  • Lyn, the resident coffeeholic, bookworm, and copywriting legend who always leaves a written masterpiece in her way

  • Jewel, the reserved architect who converts her creativity into words to make strong written blogs, newsletters, and show notes

  • Charyl, the copywriting momma who writes and proofreads the team’s social media copies, blogs, newsletters, and more

Multimedia Team

These are the amazing artists and virtual assistants for social media, coaches, and courses that bring to life the vision you had for your eBooks, reels, YouTube videos, logos, promotional materials, website aesthetics, and many more.

  • John, the skillful audio/video editor and website designer who dabbles in e-gaming on rest days

  • Chibi, the graphic artist who spices up your PDF notes, worksheets, and social media posts to life

  • Jesryl, the fun-loving graphics designer who rocks your IG reels, YouTube shorts, and stories off the screen

  • Almae, the team’s “baby” who slays social media graphics, audio/video editing, and website layouts

  • Meryll, the pretty graphic designer who unleashes her creativity both in social media graphics and captions

  • Archer, the graphic prince who not only edits audio and video projects but also gets to write about them

Coaches Team

This is your team of strong and empowered leaders who make sure that your tasks or instructions are correctly understood, prepared, delegated, submitted, and reported in the most consistent and timeliest manner.

  • Krystal, the gentle but firm coach specializing in email marketing, content writing, and social media engagement

  • Krysmae, not to be confused with her sister Krystal, is our go-to coach for consulting and clarifying tasks because she’s the first of us

  • Rachelle, the bubbly yet organized coach who checks the nitty-gritty work of podcast editing and website designing

  • Mandi, the meme queen/coach who always has the right words to say every time, a talent she reflects on the copywriters

  • Anne, the happy, laughing coach who draws copywriters under her expertise in social media marketing

  • Cesca, the graphics muse who ensures that the multimedia team is hitting the designs, layouts, and aesthetics right

Admin/Billing Team

These meticulous talents always help you stay on alert and transparent about your obligation so that you will have peace of mind that there will be no surprise dues.

  • Lalaine is our admin superstar who ensures that all client reports are well-laid out so that all billing matters are on track

  • Ken, your easygoing admin momma, records client reports and ensures all tasks and bills are on check

  • Bethel, your amiable admin support who always dings the team to make sure that no client tasks are left behind

  • JP, our reserved social media expert who makes sure that the team’s online presence is always visible and active

HR Team

What do we do if we don’t have the compassion of this team in reminding us we’re special or pushing us to commit to our work-life balance goals?

  • MJ is not just your pretty face, but she’s the team’s heart who makes us all feel loved, cared for, and supported=

Top Management Team

These leaders don’t just give the 👍🏽, but they also face the major responsibilities of the team as they do actual client interactions, make team-wide decisions, or implement policies for the benefit of all stakeholders involved.

  • Joan, the sage strategist who always has a solution and workaround to team-related queries

  • Cher, the soft-spoken and loving HR head who always makes sure our birthdays (and significant personal involvements) are remembered 😉

  • Lisa, the CEO, founder, and face of 8point8, who made us all come together, believed in each of our talents and helped us hone these to serve others

How do you feel about meeting the team? Now that you’ve met us, we’d like to meet you, too, and know how we can help scale your business. If you’re ready to make us part of your team of virtual assistants for online coaches, schedule a discovery call today.

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