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Let's work together!

Bring the 8point8 Virtual Assistant Team into your business and start with a budget-friendly Prepaid Plan. We keep our pricing scheme simple, affordable, and cost-effective at $15 USD per hour rate. Our Prepaid Plans include a bundle of hours that are consumable in a pre-determined number of months. You get everything that is listed in our service menu, a branded Trello board to manage your tasks and projects with us, as well as catch-up calls with Lisa available by appointment.

Prepaid Plan - 8.8 Pricing Scheme.png

Finally, you can be the visionary CEO you've always wanted to be and have a production team behind you as you bring your business plans to life.

But wait! What if I use up all my prepaid hours before my plan expires?

If in the middle of the validity period, you've already used up initial credit prepaid hours upon signing up, you can simply top up by purchasing more prepaid hours to be consumed during your plans validity period.

Delegate your tasks to our VA team and have peace of mind knowing you will never overspend! No need to keep hiring and then sadly let go of your VA when you run out of tasks for the month. There's no need to pay a recurring retainer fee either. You simply pay in advance for VA work hours and use it up as the need arises.

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